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Dawn of the Dead
Posted July 1, 2007 at 8:00 pm
Today's below-the-comic comments are brought to you by our special/ugly friend Varn:
\"Yeah. We're finally done with the Pokemon comics, thank God. This one time Katie was playing
Twilight Princess and since she's a total moron she spent pretty much the whole night trying to get
one Poe. Apparently it had something to do with flying at it from that crazy guy with the cuckoo
high above the lake, and she spent a million eons trying to get to the tiny little ledge it lies
on. When she finally got to it, the game turned to day and of course the Poe disappeared.
She cried until it turned back to night.
That game really needs a way to change from day to night.\"

...Yeah thanks. This is why I don't let other people write these things.
I suppose I'm done here.

Baww, copy&paste for two comics in a row. I'm so disappointed in me.
And Midna's helmet is stupid and hard to draw and I hate it forever. She's so topheavy!
Look at those amorphous little Pikachu legs!
Der Poe was drawn from memory, but I forgot what they looked like so I guess that was a bad idea.