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that was easy.
Posted November 4, 2006 at 7:00 pm
I guess I should explain something right away, for those unfortunate enough not to know:
Staples is a chain outlet for office supplies and other miscellaneous wares. They've got
all sorts of crap, and they're a good store. Apparently they do not exist everywhere, however,
and I would not want some poor fool to be at a disadvantage while in the process of viewing this
image. So now you know.
But anyway, happy November, you freaks. So sorry to have not done anything for a few weeks (
and after just coming off hiatus/lazy, too), but I was working on a contest entry for
something--a Flash animation, no less. Stick around, I'll probably post it in a few days. But not
now, because I'm building suspense.
But okay, I'm back in comic mode now. Back to regular updates now, or however close to that I
can manage. Also this comic was rushed and I am sorry. Deeply.
Oh, and I guess happy late Halloween to anyone who hasn't already forgot it happened. My
chemistry teacher suggested I go as a Staples store, because of my red-and-paperclip Hat. But it
reminded me of a story! A story, infact, that is true.
There are alot of store-brand products at Staples--that means the company itself creates them
and sells them directly. They are of decent quality and I buy them, but every box looks the
They're all about the same size, with the little red "STAPLES" label...and while most
wares are distinguishable from eachother, it somehow makes it impossible for you to find actual