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Posted November 14, 2006 at 7:00 pm
Alot of people ask me whether or not I'll discontinue Melee-themed comics in exchange of newer, Brawlier fodder. At this point, the answer is probably yes, but I'm still tentative.
My main qualm over it is the characters. If there are too many new fighters introduced and there ends up being like fifty characters to choose from, I know I'd only end up drawing like half of them...and I'm already bad with cycling characters. Conversely, a new terror has been mentioned: so says Masahiro Sakurai, SSB's main director man, there is the possibility that not all Melee characters will be making a return for Brawl. As far as which characters would be booted out is still unknown, though fans have made up their own lists--unfortunately, on the top of everyone's seems to be Roy.
\"He's just a bad Marth clone!\"
\"He was only included as an advertisement for FE6!\"
\"He's not strong enough!\"
\"He's Japanese!\"
Naturally, such an idea shakes me to my very core, 'cause I sometimes like to fight using Roy on some Melee occasions... Oh, yeah, and because of the whole comic thing. Oh, the woes of using someone else's characters to make a profit! Anyway, if any of my favorite characters to make fun of are left out, I just don't know what I'll do. The best thing is to just wait for the game to come out so I can decide then, so shut up and stop asking me. However...I thought Pit's character model looked remarkably like Roy's. Maybe it's because he's short.
So, as I am most certainly late to inform you, new Brawl trailer-thing! Mostly gameplay, good stuff. The thing that captured my interest is that Fox is back, yay! (Like there was any chance that he wouldn't return, but any news is good news.) The fan reaction to McCloud's appearance here is kinda funny. People were complaining because he doesn't holster his blaster after using it (apparently), his new retarded shoes look so heavy that they will \"probably slow him down so he's not a fast character anymore\", he's not furry enough, and, ofcourse, everybody gets mad when they think he's wearing a variant of the StarFox Command getup. (I'm looking at you, Scott.) You people...Command just recycled Fox's traditional green jumpsuit-and-beige flakjacket statement. You know, the clothes he's always worn. Except in Assault. But nobody likes that game anyway. What I'm bothered by is the fact that they switched his microphone to the other side of his head. That's going to give me a tumor, but I could care less about his clothes. The boots...the boots I'm not too keen on, though.