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Wild Streak
Posted April 16, 2017 at 8:00 pm
I am in the habit, when dropped into a new area in a game, of turning around and investigating the dead end behind my starting point, as you are sometimes rewarded with some small thing for doing so.

I tried doing this when I started Breath of the Wild -- as soon as I exited that cave and saw the obvious path forward, I did what I always do and turned 180° around to search for treats. I climbed over a small hill, and, rather than the blue rupee and artificial boundary I was expecting, was met with a sweeping meadow and forest in all directions, with nothing to prevent me from just fricking off into a random direction before even starting the game proper. At this point, I realized the magnitude of what this game was going to do (and is still doing) to my brain.

Reminder that I will be at No Brand Con in the Wisconsin Dells next weekend! I look forward to seeing you there!!