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The Beautiful People
Posted October 12, 2014 at 8:00 pm
Marth and Roy stuck out pretty hard in SSB: Melee -- they were two weird anime dudes who spoke Japanese in a game where I at least had a passing idea of who everyone else was, and they didn't even look like they belonged next to any of the other characters.

I kind of forgot about how weird that seemed once I got into Fire Emblem and other series with that kind of aesthetic, and more anime babes and babettes have been trickling into Smash Bros since. If you take a step back and realize a lot of people are not familiar with a lot of those games, though, I guess it's about as bizarre as the inexplicable human characters that were in Mario Golf 64 for some reason.

On a side note, Link has been undergoing a slow, tragic mutation into an expressionless anime elfman for years and I'm afraid it's terminal.