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Posted April 30, 2011 at 8:00 pm
So okay Portal 2 is really fun! Like really really fun. Like \"I have not laughed this hard at a videogame since ever in my life\" fun. The writing especially is phenomenal and is in all likeliness the best I've ever heard in the medium. And also, Wheatley is my favorite character ever and Stephen Merchant makes an awesome voice actor. ANYWAY

I'm a little bit sad because this was a situation I kept falling into while playing, but it doesn't really translate into a comic very well. There are a lot of new toys in Portal 2, and the ways in which you must BEND YOUR MIND to wrap around them sometimes make you forget that you are holding a gun that shoots portals.

Also I drew that door really tiny by accident. Something about Source games make me think all the doors are really small! I DON'T EVEN.

You can watch this comic being drawn HERE and HERE.