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Just in Case
Posted September 23, 2006 at 8:00 pm
Oh, Ocarina of Time, how long it has been.
After killing Twinrova, Koume and Kotake seem to ascend to an illuminated higher plane, instead of getting sucked into a fiery vortex (which would probably make more sense, given their inherent nefarity). I don't know, maybe there's another side to them we've never seen--something to balance out and perhaps even outweigh the evil. Maybe, when the two are not smiting innocents or flying around in dastardly circles, they're rescuing puppies from burning buildings or donating to charity.
Also, like the complete lifeless nerd I am, I translated the Hylian on their headbands and tabards.
Amazing: they just mirror \"Koume\" and \"Kotake\" over and over again. Yay!
What I found interesting is that they're not written in Old Hylian, like most everything in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask; the symbols are from New Hylian, canonically developed hundreds of years later in WindWaker and a Link to the Past. QUAPLA!