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Grudge Match
Posted September 21, 2014 at 8:00 pm
Okay, I had a couple before-the-game-comes-out Smash Bros comics I wanted to make, but I got confused about the release schedule and about how many weeks are in a month, so let's just pretend the game isn't already out in Japan, we haven't known the full roster for months, and it's still appropriate to make semi-prophetic speculative comics. Let's do that!

Ridley is kind of the only Nintendo villain who's ever done anything really awful -- Bowser's a jerk and Ganondorf tends to make everyone anxious for a while, but both are still probably easily forgiven.

Master Hand is the one who gets the final decision on who stays and who goes, but there's still a junior committee for scoping out potential fighters. They don't tend to get much done, though.

I'll have you know there is a rich and textured lore to this.