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Posted April 1, 2007 at 8:00 pm
Oh Red Steel...while the single-player game is fairly rough around the edges -- though I do like the portrayal that "gaijin" and "bastard" are the only words anyone in Japan knows -- the multiplayer battles are actually pretty addicting to me.
As for the magical tilt-sensing controls: eh. Go read someone else's scathing review if you want to hear about how awesome or totally not awesome they are. What snagged me was that you have to push the enchanted remote foreward to zoom in with the sniper rifle (I'm a totally badass sniper, by the way), and it doesn't always register that fast so I end up leaning waaay foreward to try and get it to zoom in...and when your target is sitting on the same couch as you, that tends to give away your nefarious assassination plot pretty fast.