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Posted January 18, 2007 at 7:00 pm
Ararrr, this is a poorly-drawn comic. I accept it. I am far too busy playing Phoenix Wright: Justice For All to be making the arts. CRIME MUST BE STOPPED. SUPPORT CRIME STOPPAGE BY BUYING THIS GAME BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME TO THE MAX.
Well, it happened again. I abandoned Animal Crossing: Wild World like I abandoned the first Animal Crossing, and so many other sim-games before it.
So stop asking me for my friend code, jerks.
But back in ye olden times when I did play it actively, I'd run into the same problem time and again: picking up something amazing and not having the room to carry it. It sucks when you've narrowed down the candidates for being discarded forever between a magical gold-plated dragonfly that grants wishes and the holy grail.
Also, I don't work in Aminal Crossing style. Physics do not work that way. LAWS OF SCIENCE HAVE BEEN BROKEN.