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Fired Emblem (Part1)
Posted October 26, 2014 at 8:00 pm
Ah hah hah, I had intended for this series of strips to come out before Smash Bros 3DS did. OOPS I am not at all good at reading a calendar! Ha ha! I guess we'll pretend that this is about Smash Bros Wii U and definitely still cool.

YOU MAY REMEMBER that a few months ago Awkward Zombie was added to Comic Chameleon, a super cool webcomic-reading app for your iPhone! If you were sad at the time because you like using your Android device instead, then HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU: those people are doing a Kickstarter to develop an Android version of the app! Wowza!!
Even if you have been happily using the iPhone version, you probably want to give this thing a look because there are some things you might be interested in too. There's even a pledge level where you can get a sketch from YOURS TRULY (ME)! WHAT AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY FOR EVERYONE, WOW