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All That Glitters
Posted March 30, 2014 at 8:00 pm
I mentioned how shiny Pokemon are much easier to get now, from the combination of a higher encounter rate, chain fishing, horde battles, and even an item that increases your chance of finding one.

I've been playing Pokemon obsessively since before shiny Pokemon were even a thing, and I hadn't seen one until X and Y -- and now that I finally do have one, they seem like less of an exciting achievement.
Also, Norrin will never let me forget that he only recently got back into playing Pokemon and has already found three times as many shinies as I have. WILL THE INJUSTICES NEVER END

Hey New York/New Jersey area friends! Reminder that I'll be in Hoboken for the Castle Point Anime Convention this Sunday in the Artists Alley! COME ON DOWN and let's exchange New Jersey high fives!