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Posted March 2, 2008 at 7:00 pm
Playing a Link to the Past in ye olden days, the items I found most interesting were the
Canes of Somaria and Byrna, two artifacts of ARCANE MIGHT. (One made exploding blocks and was
awesome; the other created a barrier that drained your magic meter and was used primarily by
losers.) It wasn't their functions that caught my attention so much as their names -- no
Somaria or Byrna have ever been mentioned anywhere else in the Zelda universe, as far as I
was aware, and so I at some point in this train of thought concluded with the staves
belonging to wizards of the same names.
It made sense at the time.
Anyway, several years later the Minish Cap was released, and one of its many bizarre items
was the Cane of Pacci, a throwback to the mysterious canes of previous games. This one,
however, serves an entirely useless purpose, and I can't imagine why any sort of sorcerer
would want to put his name on it.

Oh yeah, and as many people have noticed, I'd completely forgotten about dating the last
few comics for 2008. That's fixed now.