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Blue Note
Posted August 26, 2007 at 8:00 pm
So I finally have a Guitar Hero II disc to call my very own, and I can safely say I'll
never get any work done ever again.
Any comprehendible work, atleast. I realize the joke is nigh impossible to follow here and
I apologize with all my heart and a half. There's always next week...

And I've just been great with continuity these last few weeks, haven't I?
First a car smashes into a rail but is by some fantastic force reoriented by the next panel,
then Link and his shady cohort gain the ability to drop and pick up weaponry at speeds not
perceivable by man, and now Clicky McGrayshirt is whining about playing bass when it's
clearly a face-off game. Just think of these comics as a stern warning of what not to do when
you draw a comic.
Behold my inability to draw a matching pair of shoes!