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Another Round
Posted September 15, 2013 at 8:00 pm
Bioshock: Infinite came out a while ago so it seemed like a pretty good time to play the first game! You could say I am With The Times.

I liked how looting something forced you to pick up everything in the container, including immediate-use items that would negatively affect you. I guess the main character is just really excited about eating three bags of chips at once.

INTERESTING FACT: the main character wears a goofy sweater! I didn't know this until I looked up a reference, because you never get to see what he looks like at any point in the game. So, naturally, I drew a comic about him with no other indicators that this is a comic about Bioshock and didn't realize that fact until I was done. I AM A PROFESSIONAL, HIRE ME FOR BIRTHDAYS AND FUNERALS