Zombie Blog

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Zombie Blog

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I have a blog where I tell a zombie story. just got done adding cool new features that i'm really excited about. there is a search engine, archives, links to poems from my poetry blog(if you like poetry), Intel which has a list of characters and a profile for each character which tells you their height/weight, eye and hair color, bio, weapons and more, it has a calendar that takes you to all the posts I posted on that day, displays how many zombies have been killed(my favorite feature) which is increased every time someone views the blog, population of Des Moines(setting of the story), comments, 10 recent posts and dog tags which I think is really cool. as time goes by, it will have a lot of depth to it. if you click on follow the living, you will get emails whenever I post something new to help you follow the story if it's something you enjoy. I write in the first person, so the story is written in the perspectives/points of view of the characters.

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Re: Zombie Blog

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