Lineplay: Animal Crossing but more sedentary

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Lineplay: Animal Crossing but more sedentary

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This game is so super cute, does anybody else have it? You can make yourself a human or animal/monster avatar and visit people or do small tasks to get gems you can use to buy clothes and furniture and stuff, resulting in rooms like my friend's. It's for apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, etc.) and android (but you have to be able to get it through Google Play in that case.)

It's free to play with the implication that it's easier to get stuff faster if you buy their in-game currency, but you can just as easily invite people to the game or just wander around playing at other people's houses to get some. Your character occasionally wants to sit down, eat, sleep, bathe, do chores, water plants, and so on, and if you let them do those things at yours or someone else's house you get some cheddar. Ditto every day you can send friends hearts to earn some, log in every day, check your journal and etc. So it's kind of like Sims + Animal Crossing.


Aaaand now begins the part where I start drawing cute animal people. Please help me, I think I have a problem.
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Re: Lineplay: Animal Crossing but more sedentary

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