Hannibal. OMNOMNOM

Let me tell you about my Doctor Who/Adventure Time crossover AU highschool fanfiction
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Hannibal. OMNOMNOM

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I made this thread with the NBC series in mind. I went through Season 1 and I am looking forward to Season 2. Here's the trailer:

Who watched it?
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Re: Hannibal. OMNOMNOM

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how does this thread have ZERO replies? This makes me concerned guys.

I binged ons eason one a few weeks ago and got through about half of season two before I lost touch with the freidn I was streaming with and Haven't picked it up since. Aparently it's geting REALLY intense. I need to catch up, Ic ant be the only one besides the OP who watches this show though, can I?

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obviously something is wrong with me

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I'm losing interest. I don't know why.
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Re: Hannibal. OMNOMNOM

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Season 3 premieres on June 4th!
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