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Super Kirby Text RPG...thing

Posted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 8:16 pm
by pikscast
Welcome to the land of Super Kirby Text RPG (role playing game, not the rocket lawn chair)!
In this game, you can:
-Be a Kirby
-Be an enemy
-Harass King Dedede
-Eat things
-Blow things up
-and More! :mrgreen:

To sign up, you must fill out this form (gosh its like work or something ikr)

Species: (Kirby or one of the many creatures on Pop Star)
Name: (name for your character)
Age: (also for your character)
Backstory: (give your character a backstory! if you dont wanna ill give them one myself)
Appearance: (make your character look different from the rest of his/her kind)
Gender: (when did I turn into professor oak)

And that's it! I will now wait for the first submission.