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Re: Fire Emblem

Post by OshaliteX2 »

I did everything you did, except I made Tobin an archer, and kept Faye as a Pegasus Knight.

I'm also naming my weapons all over again, if anyone curious.
- Unloved Rigel (Royal Sword) A sort of parallel to Celica's "Beloved Zofia" weapon.
- Tobin's Bowbin (Iron Bow)
- Discount Yato (whatever weapon I decide to have Kamui use)
- Stabzooka (Javelin)

And one special mention...
- Rump Fire (Rhomphaia)
I am actually sorry for this one.
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Re: Fire Emblem

Post by Petah-Petah »

Raging Ghost wrote:So, what class did you made your villagers?

I made Gray into a mercenary, Tobin into a soldier and Kliff into a mage. Faye, however, I initially made her a pegasus knight, but after seeing her cleric spell list, I had to use a pitchfork to turn her back into a villager and then, into a cleric.
Gray as merc, Tobin as an archer, Kliff as a mage, Faye as a cleric, and Atlas also as an archer.

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Re: Fire Emblem

Post by Raging Ghost »

So, unless IS feels like bamboozling us again, we'll get the Cipher characters next week. Also, I do hope that we can get the second pitchfork at least at the same time.
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Re: Fire Emblem

Post by Great Eyewarp »

Finally got around to playing Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, and I loved it! Working my way through Hector's route now. It's nice to go back and play a Fire Emblem game without any pedophile bait.
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Re: Fire Emblem

Post by ThisAdamGuy »

Katie's FE comics have made me really want to play these games, but I don't have a console that they'll work on. I do have Final Fantasy: Tactics, though. How would you guys compare them? Which is better?
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