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Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 3:23 am
by kileyyxzue11
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But Livni, the chief peace negotiator under the precedingKadima-led government, recently lost her bid to remain party leaderto Mofaz, a former military chief and defense minister who willbecome deputy prime minister under the new coalition agreement. Last week, she quit the party, opening the way for Mofaz to strikea deal. "Netanyahu really wanted to have this kind of government ever sincethe elections of 2009," said Avraham Diskin, a Hebrew Universitypolitical scientist <a href="">ブランド コピー 販売 店</a>. While the prime minister approached the negotiation from a positionof strength, Mofaz is in a struggle for survival. Kadima's fortunesflagged under Livni's leadership and polls showed no improvementsince Mofaz took over.

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