Video Game Sales

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video games suck

Post by Exeres »

Got Verdun and Fahrenheit (it was a nostalgia buy, sue me).
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Re: Video Game Sales

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Crypt of the Necrodancer, though I haven't played much of it yet, seems really great so far, and is on sale for some stupid low amount. I didn't get it at first until I bodaciously got into the rhythm of things. I also picked up the DLC for Witcher 3, but WoW continues to be a time vampire, so until I get a couple days off in a row to get my daily stuff all knocked out with time to spare (also leaving extra time in the day to walk down to the local PoGo gym, then maybe some more to take a quick car jaunt over there if there's a raid coming up) I have way too much game to play to look into buying anything that isn't already on my wishlist and only then if it's an exceptional deal.

I had previously picked up Doom 4 but it always crashed when I tried to play it so I said fuck it and refunded it because I didn't feel like trying to coax it into working.

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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by DarkSurfer »

Picked up Sniper Elite 3, loving it. Was hoping to get Halo Wars or Hitman, but only if my loan refund comes in before the sale ends.

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