Video Game Sales

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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by Sarducar »

I got metal slug 3, civ V with all dlc, Metro Last light, valkyria chronicles, and some other stuff. That's on top of the indie humble bundle just recently. I think I'm set for a while.
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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by Supaaku »

Got Euro Truck Simulator 2. This game is deceptively fun.
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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by D-vid »

Is the PC version of Killer is Dead worth it or should I rather get it for console some time?


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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by Syobon »

The PC version is fantastic. Iirc Mete got it running at 4k without any issues. I didn't bother with that myself but it was buttery smooth at maxed settings (obviously its not a very demanding game anyway, but they seem to have ported it well). I can't speak for KB+M compatibility though since I used a controller.

Though I do remember one issue with QTE button mashing being harder at higher framerates, but you can limit the framerate for the one section where that is a problem.

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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by Blitz Walrus »

How's the Steam Summer Sale going for y'all? So far I've got FTL, Armored Hunter Gunhound, Halo: Spartan Assault, Metal Slug 3, both Poker Nights, and a couple of TF2 items. I'm eyeing Fallout New Vegas as I've never played it on PC.

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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by Valbrandur »

Gotten Dino D-Day and Outlast and Whistlerblower DLC as gifts.

Got myself Grim Fandango, Goat Simulator, Tales from the Borderlands, doubt I'll get much more than that.

Edit: I was forced at gunpoint to reveal that Exeres gave me those gifts
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Post by Exeres »

I probably got a few games I shouldn't have.

Dino D-Day
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones Telltale
Gas Guzzlers Extreme (95% off so don't judge me)
Gods Will Be Watching
Life is Feudal: Your Own
Sword of the Samurai (don't ask)
theHunter: Primal
Wasteland 1+2
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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by Cori »

I bought Bioshock 2 and Infinite, Contrast, a couple of bundled games, Fallout 3, Grim Fandango, Payday 2, Portal 1 and 2 (yeah I know I'm late to the party I don't curr), realMyst (and the sequel Riven), and the Vanishing of Ethan Carter

it sounds like a lot but I've spent less than $100 so I consider this a victory.
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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by SaintCrazy »

All i got this sale was Broderlands 2, Isaac: Rebirth, Transistor, and I'm planning to get Fallout 3 and Hatoful Boyfriend when i get home. I coulda bought more but i like to pace myself i guess, i still have plenty of games I've hardly played.

So. Ya know, just a few indie games that absolutely nobody has heard of.
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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by flame_warp »

i thought i could get through the steam sale with my measly 5 dollars in my wallet intact.

i was wrong.

daisies you fallout new vegas and cook serve delicious for being such good looking games and making me spend it on the very last day of the sale.
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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by AquaBat »

Bought Grow Home and Shovel Knight.

Never got to play the Monster Game once because the servers were shit.

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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by Blitz Walrus »

You didn't miss much.

Spent the last of my Steam Fun Bucks on TF2 hats. aw yis.

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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by YCobb »

I bought Nidhogg, some 90¢ game to play with friends, and a copy of Bad Rats for a friend. I demonstrated admirable restraint.

If the sale is still going when I wake up tomorrow, I'm buying Civ: BE.
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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by Rinoko »

I bought Shovel Knight for a friend and Psychonauts for myself.
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Re: Video Game Sales

Post by Kira »

Bought a couple copies of Transistor for some friends.

They need to know!

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