How to Complete the New World Dryad's Trial of Penance

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How to Complete the New World Dryad's Trial of Penance

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The New World quest line "The Burden of Atonement" is available in the Reekwater Settlement. The Trial of the Tree Demon's Repentance is the final quest to be completed.

The main campaign for the new world contains several world quests and missions for players to complete, one of the more difficult missions being called "The Tree Demon's Discipline". "The Trial of the Tree Demon's Repentance is not a separate quest, but the third step in a larger quest series. For the last part of this quest line, however, it is important to know how to defeat the Trial of the Tree Demon's Repentance.

The further the players progress in the new world by improving their character's attributes, finding and combining new weapons and armor, and completing further quests, the higher their character will rise. Certain quests are designed for specific tier groups, and The Burden of Atonement quest is no exception. This is the quest that includes The Tree Demon's Trial of Remorse.

Once players have reached level 59, they can take up the quest "Pulling up the roots of the fire". In this quest, players must hunt down the fire monster and contain the spread of the fire. After completing Remove the Root of the Burn, players will be able to interact with an NPC named Madilon Langlais in Rickwater Colony to unlock the Level 60 Burden of Atonement quest.

Completing the Trial of the Tree Demon's Repentance in the New World

“The Burden of Atonement consists of three separate quests: Travel to Fisher's fame and make an offering at the Tree Demon's Altar, place the Tree Demon's Sacrifice on the mysterious altar, and complete the Trial of the Tree Demon's Repentance. Of course, the first two steps are just a prelude for examination at the end of the quest. Since the "severity of the tree demon" requires the player to fight a group of enemies, it makes sense to plan the fight strategically.

As soon as the tree demon's offering is placed, several earth splitters and elders appear around the mysterious altar. The player must dodge these opponents in order to pass the "Test of Penance of the Tree Demon". A good strategy is to keep your distance and use ranged weapons and attacks to fight the enemies on earth.

Next, the Swamp Tree Crawler's tentacles appear and attack the player. The best strategy is to use ranged abilities to assist and attack the tentacles. It's also easier to dodge the Crawler's ranged attacks from a safe distance. After the Marsh Treecreeper is defeated, the Earth Stalker attacks the player. Players should keep the stalker away from the center of the area near the Mystic Altar in order to defeat him, as this is where the final boss will spawn.

If the player is far from the central area, the final enemy, the Elder's Affliction, can be immediately hit with a barrage of ranged attacks. You'll have to dodge the last enemy ranged and attack attacks and keep hitting them with ranged attacks. Eventually the Elder's ailment is defeated and the trial of the tree demon's repentance is complete. New World players can quickly travel back to Madilon Langlais in Reekwater or run to pick up their rewards, which typically consist of the journeyman's armor, 3,750 XP and 157.50 New World coins.

The New World is available for the PC.

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Re: How to Complete the New World Dryad's Trial of Penance

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Re: How to Complete the New World Dryad's Trial of Penance

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