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Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 11:47 am
by Omnithea
Eggs, Hugs, Bugs:
That rabbit is the spearhead of an invasion and the eggs are an infestation of its progeny.

Stöp ðrop Rolr:
Kratos catches fire in the midst of battle.
ATREUS: "Father!! You're on FIRE!!"
KRATOS: "It will pass."
A little later we see Atreus reviving Kratos with a Resurrection Stone.
ATREUS: "That's not how fire works, Dad."

Hair Raising
Kratos goes down in battle and Atreus takes his time reviving him. Kratos checks the length of his beard.

Barret For Your Valentine:
Barret runs out of bullets fighting Shinra soldiers. Returns to Tifa's bar for a drink. Takes shot after shot while calling out RELOAD. Gun now has ammo.

Evermore Bass/Base Expansion:
Evan upgrades the Level of his kingdom. Bigger walls. Bigger coffers. Bigger orchestra. Cue Evan getting knocked off his feet by the chanting.

Evermore Money/Evermore Problems:
The coffers at Evermore are full. The citizens just toss the extra Kingsguilders into the river. Downriver the party is confused by what they keep finding.


Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 7:55 pm
by Omnithea
Copt To It:
Sonic and Tails arrive to face Robotnik. He descends in a helicopter pod to dock with a drill tank.
TAILS: "Oh, no! He's virtually untouchable!"
The helicopter blades retract. Sonic waits a few seconds. Shrugs and jumps on his head. Possibly have Tails try to speak up about leaving the blades running only for Sonic to shush him.

Wireless Power Transmission:
A character pulls out a Megalixir to save his party in the midst of battle. The label reads "Family size" or "Serves 3". The bottle isn't very big. He drinks the Elixir and is healed. Looks in confusion at his still battered teammates. Suddenly burps out a sparkling mist. Entire party is healed. Alternatively a Megalixir is just a jumbo sized potion with three straws.

Viral Trinity:
A denizen of Twilight Town opens a box with an elaborate dessert inside. Salivates at the sight of it and digs in. A label on the side of the box reads in flowing cursive: "Lovingly made by a rat out of ingredients pulled from the garbage and financed by a pantsless water fowl."

Price of Admission:
Ienzo is going through Ansem's code when his eyes widen in shock. He asks Sora if he's experiencing any odd symptoms. Looks down at map of Sora's body. Each organ is labeled with a different amusement park ride.

Mechanism of Action:
Additional ways that a Megalixir might work.
Obnoxious perfume spray.
Pull pin, throw, health explosion.
Evaporating mist that turns to rain cloud over party.
Sentient slime that seeks out and embraces party.
Communicable beneficial virus.
One party member gets to drink it and experiences mitosis, turning into entire party. Remaining party members experience apoptosis.
Party just stands really close together as they try to spray everyone equally.

Rapunzel tearfully recites the Flower's Song in order to heal. Halfway through Donald walks up and casts Cure. Sora and Goofy stare daggers at him for spoiling the moment.
DONALD: "We've got like ten more worlds to get through."


Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 6:29 pm
by Siege_TF
Veteran's eyes

Bouncer: "Welcome to the Rusty Barnacle, how tough are ya?"
Sora: "..."
(Closeup of Soras' deadpan face, transparent, with images of Sephiroth, Ursula, the Hydra, etc as the backdrop)
Bouncer: "Uh, ya know what? I'll... take yer word for it."
Goofy: "Gorsh, what that about?"
Donald: "Ducked if I know. I'm more curious about how we're gonna drink under water."


Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 11:21 pm
by Omnithea
Bemusement Park:
A member of Organization XIII arrives back at base covered in wounds.
"So how did the mission go?"
"There were fireworks, a Merry-Go-Round, and ice skating."
"It was a living nightmare."

Spore Dietary Choice:
Ellie and Joel are resting around a campfire. Joel is eating.
JOEL: "This is pretty good. What is it?"
ELLIE: "I found some mushrooms."

Sticker Shock:
Chip and Dale get an order and blueprints from Sora for a new Gummi Ship. It's massive.
CHIP: "Ooh, boy. This one's a monster."
DALE: "Let's get this over with."
Dale takes a big swig of water and hands the bottle to his brother. They start licking Gummi blocks and sticking them together. Last panel has them passed out in front of a giant ship with a box labeled INSULIN just out of reach.

Meat Bicycle Origin:
Fl4k hijacks a Bandit vehicle and drives it to the Catch-A-Ride for scanning. Stuck in one of the wheelhouses is a dead Psycho. The resulting car that's produced is made out of flesh.
FL4K: "Hmmmm... I don't hate it."


Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2020 12:14 am
by Shift

Check 4:53. That's cold, even for Kirby. They can't even respawn when the slab is on top of them.


Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 2:18 pm
by Drillbit
it's been 6 years since Valve has made an official comic for Team Fortress 2...It's also been 6 years since you guys have made a comic about Team Fortress 2. Coincidence? I think not.

But please We're a burdened community desperate for a major update. Please temporarily halt our suffering and make another TF2 comic.


Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 2:59 am
by Omnithea
Bullet Hell:
Brick wakes up in a cold sweat yelling in fear. The other Vault Hunters wake up in response.
MORDECAI: "What's got into you, Brick?"
BRICK: "It was horrible, Mordy. My dream... there were... there were..."
TINA: "What? Spiderants, Psychos, underwhelming curry?"
BRICK: "Different brands of ammunition!! Different sizes! A variety of calibers. When I bought bullets from Jakobs they didn't fit into the Maliwan. Rockets from Vladof wouldn't fit into my favorite Torgue Launcher, no matter how hard I shoved!!"
MORDECAI: "Hey, hey, buddy, no way. That's just silly and unrealistic. Just a bad dream."


Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 1:47 pm
by SmartNoob
That's the Spirit
No dialogue, basically, any Smash character with a projectile attack uses their attack to catch a spirit, only for the projectile to bounce back to them. Fox and Falco come to mind.


Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 9:18 pm
by ThisAdamGuy
I was playing Persona 5 Royal today, and this idea came to me...

*set in Leblanc*
Morgana: "Why are you staring at the bathroom?"
Joker: "I need to think."
Morgana: "Well, they do say you can relax on the toi-WHY ARE YOU BRINGING ME IN THERE WITH YOU?!"


Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 3:45 pm
by Omnithea
Caress of Death:
"Did you beat Pikachu?"
"Is it because you stopped to pet it?"
"Yeet the rat, Zelda."

Needs Chinstrap:
Mario grabs the Wing Cap and jumps from a great height. Cap flies. Mario falls.

If the cap sticks to his head it raises the question of how he doesn't break his neck.

Dial Tone It Down:
Joshua battles alongside Neku in Shibuya. He dials a series of numbers into his phone, causing various objects to materialize and drop on his enemies. One of the items is a pizza. Another is a car. Your Uber has arrived.
"Are you Joshua?"

Maybe include Firetrucks, Ambulances, or cops.

Escape Match:
Link and Tatl grab the Ocarina of Time from the Skull Kid at the top of the clock tower.
TATL: "Quick! Do something!"
Deku Link plays a song. Teleports back to Hyrule. In the distance the moon hits Termina.


Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 8:25 pm
by Siege_TF
That gave me an idea.

Pillars Of Jojo Reference

Link: Enough messing around, I'm going to make Ganon come to me. *Ahem*, AY, YA, YA~A, YA!
Link: (plays Pillar Men on ocarina)
Ganon, Darunia, and Impa: (Appears out of nowhere, posing fabulously, but with confused looks on their faces.)


Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2020 5:25 am
by Omnithea
Mario joins up with Cappy.
MARIO: "So your people live here?"
CAPPY: "Well, not exactly live. We're kind of undead like Boos."
MARIO: "Oh. So what's with the...?"
CAPPY: "We're created whenever someone is beheaded while wearing a hat."
Mario looks up in discomfort. They stop talking for a while.
CAPPY: "A mooring line snapped and sliced right through his neck."
"The local proletariat did not appreciate my owner raising taxes."

Runaway Bride:
Mario runs around collecting Moons and Purple Coins. Meanwhile an impatient Peach and bored Bowser are sitting at the wedding table having finished off the cake.
PEACH: "Screw it. He can't be bothered to interrupt the wedding, he can interrupt our honeymoon in Venice."
Peach grabs Bowser and leaves.

Blood Oranges:
Brittany is aboard the Drake, taking inventory of the juice.
BRITTANY: "Why is it all red?"
A guilty looking Alph and Charlie pause in the middle of eating an oversized steak.
Alternatively the setup could be Olimar making Louie pay them back for the juice he stole with replacements.


Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2020 10:59 pm
by DarthMarth
I've started playing Red Dead Redemption II, and the comics on it are starting to make sense. It's a beautiful game, but I have noticed a few other funny things that might be comic-worthy:

This happens to me almost every day:

Karen: (walking around the camp at night in her skimpy nightclothes) "Arthur, what are you wearin'? You'll catch yer death!"
Tilly: (also in nightclothes) "Ain't you cold wearin' just that?"
Arthur: (wearing a long, warm-ish coat, vest, hat, and pants) "...?"

On how cooked meat and meat with each seasoning take up different inventory bins:

Arthur: (cooking meat over a campfire) "Hm, I've got loads of deer to cook, but I'm full up on venison, oregano venison, thymed venison, minty venison..."
Arthur: (getting an idea) "Ah, I know!" (gets out a cigarrette and rubs it on the meat)
Caption: You've crafted Nicotine Venison!
Arthur: (putting it into his bag with a smile) "There, plenty o' room for that."


Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2020 9:27 pm
by DarthMarth
One more:

Arthur swims out to a small, rocky lake island.
Arthur looks under a rock on the island and discovers two gold bars.
Arthur: Yes! (Tucks them into his satchel)
Arthur begins to swim back to the shore.
Last panel: All that's left of Arthur is some bubbles and his hat floating on the lake surface.


Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:38 am
by GalacticGuidance
Credit where Credit Is Due (Civilization 6)
In a dark room several hundred feet below the surface, Catherine de Medici meets up with a French spy carrying a priceless painting.
Spy: "I had to call in every favor I had and I barely escaped with my life, but I managed to lift it from the Museum of Novgorod."
Medici: "Excellent work."
Spy: "This painting was the pride of Russia for centuries. They're going to murder whoever took this. Thankfully, they didn't identify me. If they found out the thief was from France, we would have an international incident and possibly a war on our hands. Anyway, what do you want to do with this thing?"
The last panel shows Catherine grinning as she looks at the painting, which has been hung up in a French museum. The spy buries their face in their hands. Burning cities and Russian tanks can be seen in the background.