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How can teachers communicate with students' parents correctly?

“Robin Bobin Barabek ate forty people, And a cow, and a bull, And a crooked butcher ... And then he says:“ My stomach hurts ”

This is about the fact that many children are very overloaded, because from the 1st grade they go to tutors. They are so tortured by a large number of circles and courses that they really already “ache” and “eyes do not burn”, they simply do not have time for stupidity.

Childhood passes quickly. Children do not have time to play, they do not have time to communicate (and this is not because of gadgets), they do not have time to walk. The working day of some children is 12-14 hours. Such a child is hardly included in the lesson, because the time at school is the only time when you can take a break from the tutor, cramming and circles. Therefore, you often have to motivate children to study, and with the help of Bidforwriting
, you will teach children to quickly join the lesson. Since it helps children to write their thoughts on paper with high quality.

Everything is good in moderation. We must first think about health, and not eat "forty people, and a cow, and a bull, and a crooked butcher ...".

“But, seeing a barbel (Ai-ay-ay!), The animals gave a strekach (Ay-ay-ay!). They fled through the forests, through the fields: They were afraid of cockroach whiskers.

It's about VPR. We are afraid of what we do not know. These controls are compiled taking into account the program; it is not necessary to specially train children to solve tasks from the VPR. A child who diligently studied in the classroom, responsibly performed homework, will completely cope with the tasks of verification work. But if not, then he can take help from the paper helper and prepare himself in a quality manner to write a written work competently and perfectly.And then it will not be, as in the fairy tale by K. I. Chukovsky: “Suddenly from the gateway A terrible giant, Red and mustachioed Ta-ra-kan! Cockroach, Cockroach, Cockroach!"

“What are the gossips to consider working, Isn’t it better to turn on yourself, godfather?”

Children often say in class: "But he does not write, but he talks." I always answer: “We are watching each other. There is a teacher at the lesson, he himself decides whether to make a remark or it is better to remain silent and not distract the class.

Or is it about parents too? I know about such a case: a prestigious gymnasium, an honored teacher. And all because he helps his students and uses what they can do my essay students are grateful to such teachers. To get into his class, people line up. And now September, 1st grade, parents in a chat are discussing what the teacher came to school in, asking the children to take a picture of the clothes in order to discuss the appearance of the teacher. Yes, not fashionable. Yes, not the right color. Yes, like a grandmother. But "isn't it better to turn on yourself, godfather" and take up raising a child and solving more pressing problems?

After all, family is hard work. Family happiness is difficult to build. Creating a healthy atmosphere in the family is not easy. And the teacher, no matter what he comes to the lesson, can become an assistant in creating a strong cell of society. Because education should not only be done by the school. This is a joint task of both the educational institution and the parents: “Each member of the family should take part in the organization of the house, and the most complete family happiness can be achieved when everyone honestly fulfills their duties.”

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Many other people have contributed pieces of work to make this project possible and to bring it to the current standard. Thank you for your steady presence in this project.

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