Quickbooks error 6000

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Quickbooks error 6000

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Are you a Quickbooks user willing to know about error 6000? Quickbooks error 6000 is caused by some files in your QuickBooks installation being damaged. Your system may not be able to recognize them and will show an error message when it tries to access them. The problem can be solved by restoring the file and repairing the folder that contains it. The QuickBooks online Support Services can also help you get the issue fixed if you are unable to do so or have difficulty understanding how to do it yourself.

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Re: Quickbooks error 6000

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Open the Windows Start menu.
Type “File Explorer” into the search and open File Explorer.
Find and open the folder with your backup company file.
Right-click the file with .qbb at the end of the file name and select Rename. This is your backup company file.
Remove any special characters, symbols, or spaces from the filename.
Right-click the folder holding the QBB file and select Rename. Remove any special characters, symbols, or spaces.
Follow the steps to restore your company file.


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